AC Coil Cleaning Procedures

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AC Repair Tamarac

AC Coil Cleaning Procedures

If you are not careful and regular to maintain your AC, it may cost you more money while repairing and servicing processes. There should be a fixed schedule on when to call the AC maintenance company. You can hire people from to your home and check out what are the problems that you are having. The most important part about repairing and maintaining AC is not to be late if you are having any troubles with the AC. However, try to take preventive measures because it is always better than cure. It is always good to know how the process works before you call up someone to do something for you. The following will provide a brief guideline on how the AC coils are cleaned.
How the Coil is Cleaned

First thing to do in this process is to turn off the AC. The ice will melt from the coil. Then the air filter should be changed. You need to check for obstructed and closed vents. They should not remain that way. If there is dirt on the coil, use a soft brush to pull off the dirt. Please keep in mind that, in no way you should scrape the coil. It will damage the system permanently and it will be beyond repair. Don’t poke the ice with any sharp objects and don’t press hard on the coil either. If you do any of these, you may have to buy a new AC rather than wasting a great lot of money after it for fixing. There are other chemical sprays in the market for cleaning up your coil. You need to spray it first, the wait for a certain time and then gently rinse it off. The sprayed chemical itself dissolves any sort of dirt that has been accumulated there.

However, if you do go for this one, please be sure to change your filters regularly. In any case, you should not use these cleaners very often because it contains a diluted acidic element and that can harm the overall machine is used frequently and left behind for too long on the surface. If you do have any confusion, contact the experts, don’t handle yourself. Besides using the soft brush that we talked about earlier, you can also use water to remove the dirt too. However, don’t pour in water into the machine, use sprays gently to clean out the mess. Check the outdoor unit with the same procedures. If you continue to have the problems that you’ve been having in the first place, contact us at Our experts will be ready and equipped to help you out of this problem.

Why The Coil Needs Cleaning

Why these coils need so much attention? If these are cleaned regularly, the air conditioner will run cooler and consume less energy, thus helping you in two ways- more comfort and less cost. The air conditioner needs a full cleaning only once in a year. However, if you are located around any place with high number of construction projects or trees with spores, the machine may need more frequent servicing than planned.