Effects of Unclean Filters in Air Conditioner

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The environment that we all live in has a lot of pollution that we all breathe. Pollution is exuded from a variety of sources that include but are not limited to; cigarette smoking, exhaust fumes from vehicles, pollutants from factories, pollutants from fireplaces and the list goes on. It seems that we have no control over the amount of pollutants that have entered our breathing space. Thinking hard on this issue, there is a way to control the environment because of our lifestyle. It all starts within the home boundaries of where a lot of people spend most of their time.

Health Hazards from Unclean Filters

Some people who are aware of the pollution environmental factors that affect us all think nothing of the fact that there may be too much dust within the house on tables and bookshelves. Thinking that the dust comes from the outside environment is a natural conclusion to make. However, the dust inside the house could be an indicator that there are unclean air conditioner filters that needs replacing. The accumulated dust on the tables is the end result of what could actually be in the air that the family may be breathing in on a daily basis.

The end result of dust could be that dust mites, pollen, mold and smoke are circulating throughout the house and no one would be the wiser if nothing is done about the situation. If family members have headaches, nasal congestion, fatigue and any other type of respiratory issues, the problem could stem from the air conditioner filters.

Effects of Dirty Air Filters

The solution here is really simple and that is to change the air filters on a regular basis but here are the after effects of not changing them regularly. Air filters do their job of attracting and collecting the pollutants in the air. But if they are not changed then these pollutants are distributed throughout the air ducts and the very dust particles that it is supposed to catch are released into the air that the family breathes.

Air Flow Reduction

When air filters are so clogged they can eventually restrict air flow which may lead into compression problems for the air conditioning unit. A clogged air filter means that the a/c unit has to work harder to push the air through the ducts. The harder the a/c unit has to work, the more costly it is on energy bills and the more likely that major repairs will have to be done on the unit sooner than expected.

Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems

If respiratory issues are prevalent, the first defense move is to check and replace the air conditioning filters. Ensuring that high quality filters are replaced on a regular maintenance schedule is an easy repair to implement. If finding out that the current filter is clogged then this is an immediate action to be taken to ensure the health of everyone in the household. Having a high quality filter ensures that most of the air contaminants within the house can be captured and can eliminate the morning sneezes, coughs and watery eyes that are experienced first thing in the morning.

Maintaining the a/c unit by professionals who know and understand what needs to be done can be accomplished by talking to the people at ac repair Tamarac. Ensuring that a home is free from allergens and making sure that the air conditioning unit is operating at the most effective capacity is the primary goal from the experts of this company. They offer the expertise, experience and 24/7 availability that every homeowner needs to ensure that their air conditioning unit is in proper working order.