While Renovating – Do I Keep the AC Running as Normal?

While Renovating – Do I Keep the AC Running as NormalIt is understandable that after sometime you may have to renovate your home. Depending on your planning, the renovation could be during spring, summer, winter or autumn. Even when the house is being renovated, you will have to keep your ac running so that you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment. The importance of having an ac cannot be over emphasized.

Control Dirt, Dust and VOC Substances

During renovations, the indoor air becomes polluted with dust and dirt. Where the renovation involves painting and application of vanish, harmful VOC substances may be emitted thereby further polluting the environment. Dust has on several occasions been used as a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and mold. These allergens can cause asthma and other breathing complications. By having a functional ac unit, you will be assured of clean air throughout the renovation process.

It is a common occurrence to see the ductwork clogged as a result of debris and particles from the renovation site. Such clogged ductwork has to be cleaned and fresh air circulated. This is only possible if your ac is running as normal.

Temperature Controls

If the renovation is done during summer, you will need to protect yourself and your family against the high outdoor temperatures. Having an ac that is up and running will ensure that temperatures are kept within a comfortable range as the renovation is going on. High indoor temperatures are also associated with certain health complications that may cause you to incur unnecessary expenses in medical attention.

Temperature control is also necessary during the cold months to keep complications such as pneumonia and colds at bay.

Maintain Humidity in All Parts of the House

Humid environments are uncomfortable to stay in. This is because with high levels of humidity, certain microbes find their way into the indoor atmosphere. When heat and humidity combine, they slow down the rate of sweat evaporation from the body and this can be dangerous for infants, the elderly and those who have existing health complications. By having humidifiers in place even during renovations, you will effectively get rid of excessive humidity thereby making the atmosphere friendly to everyone.

Keeping your ac running therefore is not much of an option. Even if you are not in the house during the time of renovation, the ac will maintain the indoor environment such that when you come back everything will be in order. Remember that restarting your ac system consumes a lot of power than maintaining a running one.